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Ocalis Exoskeleton


The Supportive Exoskeleton for Overhead Work

Introducing the Ocalis industrial upper-body exoskeleton, a practical solution for tasks in logistics, manufacturing, and maintenance. This innovative exoskeleton enhances work efficiency and helps prevent shoulder injuries by seamlessly integrating into the user's upper body. As its designer, I am proud to present this user-centric solution for improved workplace safety and productivity.

This ingenious exoskeleton, worn over the shoulders and upper back with integrated arm support, expertly distributes weight to alleviate shoulder strain. It does so without the need for an external power source, ensuring a lightweight and fatigue-free experience that aligns harmoniously with natural human movements.

The Ocalis exoskeleton is a testament to user-centric design, achieved through frequent prototype testing with end-users during the development process. This dedication to comfort and functionality results in a product that redefines workplace safety and productivity.





3 Months

My Contribution

Industrial Design

Concept Development



#industrial design


Problem Defination

About one-quarter of days missed because of inability to work in Germany are due to musculoskeletal disorders. This figure increases with age: among people older than 55, it already accounts for more than 35%. Thus the economic cost of musculoskeletal disorders is considerable. 



Prototypes and Development


Ocalis allows normal human arm movements. Due to the low friction hinges and joints, the movement of the users are unhindered. 

How to put on

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