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About Me,


Hello, I'm Ahmet Ergun, an award-winning Industrial Designer and Architect based in London. I completed my undergraduate studies in Industrial Product Design (2019) and Architecture (2020) with a double major and graduated with honors from both departments. In 2022, I began my Master's degree in Industrial Design at UAL CSM, one of the leading universities in the art field. Since graduating from my Bachelor's degree, I've had the opportunity to work on projects with various companies, taking on roles as an industrial designer, UI/UX designer, architect, and design mentor.


I’ve provided mentorship and design support to numerous entrepreneurs through Europe’s largest entrepreneurship center, and I’m still actively involved in this role. In 2021, along with a small team I co-founded, we successfully crowdfunded my self-designed coffee grinder on Kickstarter, selling over 1200 units and raising approximately $300,000. The project’s design received substantial positive press coverage. Expanding on this success, in 2023, we launched our mini CNC lathe project, for which I also handled all the designs, and achieved another Kickstarter accomplishment, raising $636,000. With over five years of professional design experience, I’ve worked across various disciplines for 30+ clients and companies.


Throughout my student and professional years, I have been honored with 8 different awards in competitions, including a first place. My projects have been featured on prominent websites like Yanko Design, Interesting Engineering, and Trend Hunter.


I believe that design is the perfect fusion of technology, engineering, and art. By conducting thorough research and adhering to a rigorous design process, I develop tangible solutions that cater to users' needs and their environment. I am deeply passionate about the impact that objects have in our lives, and I strive to create designs that leave a meaningful impression.


 2022 - Present                                       aergun design   -   Self Employed

 2021 - Present                                       ITU SEED   -   Industrial Designer / Design Mentor (Remote)

 2022 - Present                                       Rownd Precision   -   Co-Founder 

 2021 - 2023                                           Huss Engineering   -   Industrial Designer - Design Engineer

 2021 - 2022                                           Knob Coffee Grinder  -  Co-Founder (Exit)

 2020                                                      Timezeta    -   UI/UX Designer

 2019                                                      Sırakaya Construction   -   Architecture Inter

 2018                                                      Arman Design & Development   -   Industrial Design Inter

 2017                                                      Sedat Öztürk Design    -   Industrial Design Inter

 2017                                                      NAAR Architecture   -   Architect

 2016                                                      Etka-d   -   Design Intern



 2022 - 2024                                           Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London   -   MA Industrial Design

 2016 - 2021                                           IMU   -   BA Architecture (Honor Degree)

 2015 - 2019                                           IMU   -   BA Industrial Product Design (Honor Degree)



 2023                                                      European Product Design Awards (ePDA)   -   Top Design Award

 2023                                                      International Design Awards (IDA) 2024   -   Gold Award & Silver Award

 2023                                                      International Design Awards (IDA) 2024   -   Emerging Product Designer of the Year

 2021                                                      IMMIB Industrial Design Competition 2021   -   1st Prize

 2021                                                      Bursa Hans District / Urban Design Project Competition   -   2nd Honorable Mention

 2020                                                      IMMIB Industrial Design Competition 2020   -   3rd Prize

 2020                                                      bizz@campus 2020   -   Mention

 2019                                                      IMMIB Industrial Design Competition 2019   -   2nd Prize

 2018                                                      7. Doğal Taş (Natural Stone) Design Competition   -   1st Prize

 2018                                                      MOSDER 14th National Home Furniture Design Competition   -   Winner

 2017                                                      Neighborhood Design Idea Competition   -   Equivalent Mention Award

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