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Knob Coffee Grinder

Premium Hand Coffee Grinder

The Knob Coffee Grinder both simplifies and improves the coffee grinder (the knobs on it give its name). Traditional grinders come with an outer chamber that holds the beans, and an inner grinding stone that rotates on an axle (which you manually crank). However, this ever-important axle can sometimes wobble or shake while it’s trying to crush the beans, causing them to grind into uneven pieces, resulting in inconsistencies that cause your coffee to taste bad. The most obvious solution until now has been just to make the axle stronger and less prone to wobbling, although it’s had mixed results. The Knob Coffee Grinder removed this axle completely, designing a completely new grinding mechanism in the process and doesn’t use an axle, but rather, lets you directly rotate the burrs instead.

In addition, our Kickstarter campaigning exceeded my expectations and funded over USD 285k.


2020 - 2022

My Contribution


Industrial Design

Concept Development


Design for Manufacture

Kickstarter Campaining

#industrial design


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